Monday, June 1, 2015

Sufism /Cooking

I was recently privileged to spend some time with a most remarkable woman, a Sufi teacher, Thea Elijah.  You know how there are events in your life when you can look back and say "This was a very special opportunity.  This is something that will change me for the better."  This is what being in the presence of wisdom can do for you - but only when you have an open heart.  And Thea has a way about her that helps you open to receive  wisdom.

The past two years have been a period of considerable upheaval for me.  There have been many joys, many teachings, but challenges that have been really hard, too.  Thea describes these life events that we all go through as "cooking".  She has a wonderful video clip entitled "Chick Pea" on her website that you can watch:  As I go through my days and difficult things come up, I think, "Oh, I am cooking."  I will be different.  I don't mean this in a myopic way.  I find the perspective comforting.  I don't fight as much.  I feel softer.  I feel more ready to get out of my own way and wonder.  "What is coming?  What is the work I am to do."

Perhaps you will find this metaphor helpful, too.