Friday, January 22, 2010

The Happy Book Week One

I've joined another of Jamie Ridler's online book clubs - and just got in at the last minute. These groups are becoming so popular that almost as soon as she'd announced the opening, it was full. Because of the overwhelming interest, she opened up another couple of groups so more people could get in. But different from some of the past groups, this one doesn't require you to buy your own book. In this one she is sending around books that we will write in! And it's called The Happy Book by Meg Kempster and Rachel Leder. There are four books travelling around the world! It's so exciting! Each participant has a week with the book; to write, draw, paint, doodle the things that make them happy.

Even if you won't be getting the books, you're welcome to join in on the fun by coming to the blog and posting your own delights, or just reading along. Happiness is so often contagious, don't you think? My favorite part of the last book club I participated in was reading everyone else's responses and sharing comments back and forth. It's fascinating to watch how different people react to the same chapter - and sometimes the insights made something I'd overlooked come alive.

For this week what has made me most happy has been:

1. My trip into NY to see a few art exhibits - I've been wanting to get in more often and my husband totally surprised me by giving me a membership to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for Christmas! He is just such a sweetie!

2. My husband - he loves to come up with good surprises for people. And he's so patient that they really come as a surprise.

3. My almost 5 yo grandson suddenly starting a routine from the Little Rascals while we were eating lunch. It cracks me up how early kids pick up humor - even our 1 and 1/2 yo grandson can joke a little.

4.Working on collage (a new art form for me) via Kathryn Antyr's class; I become so immersed in it - it feels like it's opening spaces in me, and makes me very happy

5. A fabulous spinach dish at a Turkish restaurant we went to after the museums - made my taste buds jump for joy!

6. My yoga instructor pointing out something I could do pretty well - cause most of it I am not so hot.

What has made you happy this week? Post it here or to go to Jamie's blog click on this link:


  1. So curious about the Turkish spinach dish but that's the foodie in me! Beautiful list, that is a lot to be happy about.

  2. I'm with Suzie - you got my taste buds wondering too... Love Turkish meze.

  3. Sending you greetings!
    A happy week to you! :)

  4. What a radiantly happy photo... and wonderful things to feel delighted about... how very lucky you are!

  5. The spinach was a meze offering - with lots of lemon and garlic, served cold. Ooh, I could eat some right now - it still makes my mouth water.
    Lisa, the photo is of my almost 5yo grandson as he was getting his first haircut - he loved it, as you can see. What fun!

  6. This is a great list! I love the last one, because how awesome is it when someone focuses on the best in you?

  7. What a delight to read how my workshop is "opening up spaces in you." I'm so happy to share this experience with you. My mouth is watering thinking about that Turkish spinach dish. Hmmmmm. I hope this next week brings you many happy moments! Hug your grandson from me.

  8. Your list is delightful...your comments about the Met reminds me to go visit our local art museum again. And, of course, I can relate to the delight of grandchildren. Your rock art rocks!

  9. Fabulous list!...and I am also beginning to work on an art journal..looking forward to it. And to visiting your blog more throughout our Happy Book project!!

  10. Hi Becky - glad to "meet" you on this Happy Book tour. Enjoyed reading about the icon process on your blog - an art form I deeply admire.

  11. Hi Becky. So glad you are here again for another book club. What a very happy week you had. I especially like the museum and the turkish restaurant afterwards. Have a very happy week.