Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year

A friend gave me a lovely calendar for Christmas this year entitled Simplicity, with stunning photos by Deborah DeWitt.  The quote under January's image is from Hans Hoffman: "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."  How perfect is that for the beginning of a new year?
A Stufy in Chaos
I don't usually do a lot with resolutions but I do use the beginning of the year for reflection, thinking about what might need more attention, what might bring more to my life that is in line with my values.  On new years' day it struck me that I would like to include more time for meditation.  And since something has to go to make room for that, spending less frivolous time on the computer might be a good trade.
I like to journal.  But I'm dissatisfied with the way I go about it - somewhat haphazardly, often thinking about feelings  and thoughts, but instead writing tediously about so many details in my day that I lose momentum for the interior work I'd like to be doing there.  Part of what gets in my way is having a good place to write regularly.  My desk, which is in a perfect corner of my studio, gets so cluttered I can't use it.  Whenever we have company and I want to clear up the dining room table, I bring everything up and dump it on my desk.  It becomes such a pile that I plan to get to for filing, tossing, etc. that it becomes overwhelming and months go by. 
Post Excavation 2011
Today I decided that I would excavate.  I sorted, assessed, stored, discarded down to the very bottom - which I discovered took me to a year ago!  Arghh. 
But, oh my!  How delightful to have my desk back, to lay out my journal ready for new thoughts, sketches, plans!  I anticipate this feeling of organization to help me eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary of my life doesn't have to flail around, wasting energy, trying to survive the clutter.

How about you?  How do you invite the necessary to speak?


  1. I love your nook there Becky! Happy writing;-)

  2. Hm Becky, are you a kindred spirit? Everything you wrote rings so true with me, it actually could have been me. The journaling, the cluttered desk - it looks the same over here. And there is so much I could write down right now. Alright then, so I'll go and clean up my desk this week.

  3. Thanks, Jenn. Yes, Carola, we do seem to have some spirit in common, don't we? Hope you're able to get your desk cleaned up so you can enjoy it, too.