Saturday, August 11, 2012

Celebration of Two

Today my little grandson Ethan turns two.  What a wonderful time of life!  Though this age has a reputation for being "terrible", I think it is only because children at this age are absolutely boundless in their energy and curiosity - and it's hard for most of us to keep up and keep them out of trouble.

Ethan loves to eat everything.  I mean everything.  I think he's tried bugs.  He puts puts his face in the grass and comes up with a clump of it.  I took little bits of stone out of his mouth the other day.  His mom was cooking last week and he grabbed a handful of mushrooms and onions and popped them in his mouth - Ummmm, good!  he pronounced.

He loves to climb and get places that are not readily accessible.

He loves to see how things are put together.

He really loves to run.

Anything that someone else is doing becomes immediately attractive - he wants to use the same equipment or tools - vacuums, brooms, lawn mowers, rakes, washing machine, art supplies.

He wants to wear the same clothes.  Shoes have lately become the big deal.

So much of what they want to do is potentially hazardous, so we have to intervene;  I find that modifying the activity and allowing some safe exploration makes for happier days - but it also makes for tiring days.  I sometimes come home and take a nap.

But I am loving this age.  I am in awe of the enthusiasm and energy, the ability of children at this age to soak up knowledge.  I think as I grow older I appreciate it more and more.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!  Hats off to all who share in the adventures of  the two year olds in their lives!


  1. Lovely post, Becky. You are so lucky to have them near.

  2. Great post mom...he sure is our sweetie pie!! xo