Monday, March 3, 2014


Today was cold and still too much hard icy snow to get out with Ethan so we planned a make believe birdwatching expedition.  We made binoculars of toilet paper tubes glued together and decorated them, adding yarn to put them around our necks.

 Then we made up a bunch of birds that we taped around the house - in the "lamp" bush, on the fridge, taped to a closet door.

 He immediately recognized hummingbirds, owl, and robin.  Others we loosely interpreted, but he loved looking through Roger Tory Peterson's guide book to find things that kind of looked like our pictures.  I was delighted with how enthusiastic he was with the activity - we did this off and on all day.

 And later he drew his own birds.  There is nothing quite so wondrous as watching a child's imagination take over.


  1. I loved coming home and seeing all the birds and dinosaurs all over the house. Ethan is very careful to make sure that if one falls, he immediately puts it back up on the wall. I think they'll be around for a while!

  2. Is it my imagination or is Ethan's bird really good for a 3 y.o.?? lol

  3. I love this!!!!! What a wonderful idea!!!!