Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Saint Anthony and Legos

When I was in the beautiful church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, there was a statue of Saint Anthony that struck me because it looked so much like my grandson Marcus.  I took a picture of it and also bought a small magnet with the image from the gift shop.  Once home, it went on my refrigerator.

Ethan was over the other day and saw the magnet.  He wanted to know why I had a picture of Marcus dressed up like that.  I told him it was a statue that I'd seen that looked a lot like Marcus.  And I told him a little about where I'd seen it and why the statue had so many little pieces of papers tucked in around it.  I told him that Saint Anthony was someone that many people asked for help when they'd lost something.  "You know when you lost your Lego people that Nana had bought you?  Well, that's a situation where someone might say, 'Ask Saint Anthony to help you find them.' "  And we went on about our day. 

I had forgotten about that conversation.  But the next day, Teah told me that the boys had received a package in the mail that afternoon from their grandfather's wife.  It included several Lego sets!  I LOVE that kind of serendipity!

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