Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday - August 20, 2010

I'm still participating in Jamie Ridler's Happy Book Club, which meets online on Fridays.  Summer attendance has been sporadic - I don't think there's any such thing as "lazy" days of summer - seem to be more of the "hazy" and "crazy" days.  And it is flying! 
But it's been mostly wonderful and exciting.  Wednesday, Ethan was one week old.  He continues to be the hit of the household with his brothers and all the rest of us.  I put together a little Smilebox slideshow with photos from his first few days.  Are you familiar with that resource?  It's really fun to do - to put up a little show of your vacation, or family events, art projects - and is relatively easy.  It's also free, unless you want a fancier version with customized music, etc.  But even then it's very reasonable.
Torn from Home - Diptych
The other exciting thing for me is that I'm getting ready for a solo show - my first.  It's just at the Unitarian Fellowship nearby, but the space is lovely, and it has kept me working hard this summer to come up with a theme that will pull some of the various things I do together.  I've made some new paintings for it, besides planning to display some previous work.  I'm a little anxious about getting the final details in place.  But I'm also energized by it.  I'm hoping it will give me the confidence I need to try for some other shows and competitions.
Wishing you glorious August days.
Catskill Spring Flowers


  1. Congratulations on your solo show! That sounds exciting.
    I love the picture of the boys. So gentle. You must be so happy.
    And yes - crazy days! Since Tuesday we've been in the back-to-school madness. It drives me CRAZY !!! I wonder why it has to be like this every August???

  2. Yes, Carola, I've noticed that even when I try to plan in such a way that I'll still be able to enjoy some leisure, suddenly my days take on their own lives and I'm just along for the ride! Hope the kids are looking forward to getting back and that you'll find some quiet time.

  3. Hi Becky,
    You certainly have alot to be happy about. Both boys are so handsome and the look on your older grandson's face says it all. Ethan will be well loved and taken care of. How lucky he is to be born into such a wonderful family.
    A solo show must be so exciting. Your work is beautiful. I know your show will be a huge success. Good luck and have a wonderful week.

  4. Congrats on your solo show, and it's wonderful to hear about your enjoyment of your grandchildren. I have enjoyed looking at the artwork you share on your site and have no doubt you'll find more opportunities in shows and competitions. In the meantime, enjoy the process!