Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Found Day

View from our cottage deck
Holy Toledo!  Can you believe it's October, already?  I can't say I've been going full tilt.  We had a glorious two week vacation on an island in the Bay of Fundy early in September where we only followed our inclinations as they came.  Go pick berries, find rocks, sit and read, do tai chi on the deck?  What shall we eat?  Fish? Vegetables?  Freshly baked bread and cheese?  Shall I wear the black pants or the green ones?  I only have two to choose from.
But then we came home.  And all the energy from that marvelous rest has been put to use.  Appointments that had been put off,  Farmer's Market, baking and preparing  the reception for my first solo show, a day in NY going to museums, this week a fabulous high energy retreat for people who work with youth in the church.  My parents are coming for a visit this coming week and my house looks like we've been through an earthquake.  Today I was supposed to be going to another farmer's market.  So there was going to be precious little time to restore it to order.  Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?
Then yesterday I got news that our group's participation in the farmer's market was cancelled.  I feel badly for the members who had counted on this and for the way it happened - it was a bit shabby on the market's part.  But for me, I felt I'd been given the most wonderful gift - a day of my own!
I can go to the farm and pick raspberries.  I can savor making foods for my friend's 50th birthday party tomorrow (Happy Birthday, dear Stephen!), and for a block party this afternoon where I can meet my neighbors and enjoy their company, instead of feeling like I'm squeezing them in as I rush home from doing the market.  I can gently begin to create order in my home, giving thanks for the upcoming visit from my parents.

The gift of attention
 I feel blessed.  May you find blessing in this day.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Becky!
    Love your photos too!
    Leslie Q.

  2. Thanks, Leslie! Hope we can plan a day together later in the month.

  3. The gift of time is one of the finest things! I enjoyed reading this post - it sounds like a full, good life.