Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Smoothie

Midsummer Mixture
 Back in April I entered a Green Smoothie Challenge offered by Suzanne Seeger of Enchanted Chameleon.  The time was right for me.  After the two weeks of the challenge it stuck.  I've become a devotee of my morning drink.
The spring was the perfect time to jump into this.  The idea that I could experiment with wild greens that were coming up in my yard - dandelions, plantains, arugula, violets, raspberry canes, grape leaves, mint - made it extra fun.  And as the late spring greens became abundant at our community farm, I was well supplied with spinach, chard, kale, lettuces, collards, bok choi, beet tops, and other varieties. 
I add fruits as I have them.  I don't like to put berries in my smoothies.  I love them too much all by themselves to mix with other tastes and textures.  I don't like to eat bananas - but they're great in smoothies.  They help keep the texture even, they add sweetness when they're very ripe, and of course, they're full of good nutrients. So I almost always include those.  Mangoes,melons, pineapple, papaya, grapes, peaches, apples, plums are my other additons.
In the beginning I did feel a little hungry in the morning - even though I'd drunk almost a quart of the mixture.  I would spread it out through the morning if I could, figuring if I could make it till lunchtime, then I'd have a regular lunch.  I began to like the lightness.  And the virtue.  Don't you love to experience virtue once in a while?  If I clean the refrigerator, organize my desk, or do my exercises, I feel like I've done a really good thing for myself - and I revel in it.  For a little while.  Same with getting my day off to a good start with my morning drink.
When I've gone on vacation, or been invited out to breakfast, I've skipped the smoothies.  But I'm always happy to go back to them.  That's how I know that it's not a passing fad.
I went for a check up last week.  It was the first time in almost a year that I'd gotten on a scale.  I know that my clothes have become more comfortable, some a little too loose.  So I wasn't surprised to find out that I'd lost weight.  It has been a slow process, but I'm not in a hurry.  I'm enjoying it.
So here's what I had this morning:
   1 MacCoun Apple
   3/4 C. papaya
   1 Banana
   2 leaves of turnip greens, pulled from stems ( I find it necessary to limit these greens - they're quite peppery)
   2 + C. kale leaves pulled from stems - I mixed the varieties
   1 Tbsp. aloe juice
   2 C. water
All blended in my super duper Blendtec blender.
What do you do for yourself?  What makes you feel virtuous?

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