Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thing a Day - the Last 5 Days

Doodles and Crows Ink on Paper

Somehow I missed posting the last 5 days here, though I did send them in to the Posterous site.

On reflection, this was a great month for pushing through periodic inertia.  Even on days when I felt super busy or was sick, I was determined to create SOMEthing.  And the funny thing is that it was energizing. 

Crow Pin  Acrylic on Waterworn Stone

Overall, I came up with ideas through the month that I'd like to revisit and work on more thoroughly.  When we creating alone all the time it is often difficult to judge the merits of a piece.  I found that when I photographed them to post, it was easier to see what might need tweaking.

Crow ACEO Acrylic on Coffee Grounds

Challenges can be so useful to a creative spirit - dare I even say, essential?  Thing a Day was a good one for me.  But there are others to look for - and many that find us. 

Opened Pomegranate ACEO's  Acrylic on Paper

Opened Pomegranate 6" by 6" Acrylic on Canvas - unfinished
What are the challenges you've been working with?  Have you purposely sought any out?  What have you learned?

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