Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thing A Day 22 and 23

crow pin, acrylic on stone

Desert Sunrise with Crows, Acrylic on Paper, ACEO

Yesterday and today were busy so I just painted some small things.  The interesting thing to me is that although I've painted a lot of crow pins in the past, I found that I've changed how I do it.  The differences are small, but noticeable.  Since I've been working with all these crows this month, I'm no longer satisfied with the way I used to do paint them.  I added a little detail to the body and a very thin line of paint  in a lighter color to set the crow off better against the background.

Today was a babysitting day which means I have to carry my supplies with me.  Sometimes it's fun to set a challenge to use only a couple of colors.  I chose a dark plum and a pale yellow and combined them to get the muted pigments that felt to me like a desert sunrise.  Then I added a couple of crows, although in the one little painting I think it's a condor- it's big! 

Desert Sunrise 2, Acrylic on paper, ACEO

One of the things I've loved about this event is that it has freed me to experiment and play with various materials.  I'm not so hung up on the outcome - more in the process and what I can learn from it.  And I've learned that I can do this  even with very little free time. 
Desert Sunrise 3, Acrylic on paper, ACEO

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