Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6 Thing a Day

Roosting Crows 7 1/2" by 6" Acrylic on Paper
Today's little painting is crows coming to roost in the evening.  This is such an intriguing event.  Years ago when I ran I noticed that crows would be flying toward the sun in the mornings, accompanying me along my path until I was ready to return home.  And in the evenings I would see them gather along the river, flying toward the last rays.  They would flock to trees - but not always the same tree.  So who decided where they'd bed down for the night?  Is there a hospitality committee?
Many people find this phenomenon remarkable.  Some think it's frightening.  Some love the noisy raucousness.  I'm in the latter category.  I think of them as crow blossoms.
I read In the Company of Crows and Ravens that in ancient times the Hebrews marked the beginning of the Sabbath by when the crows began to roost.
I have to comment on the quality of this painting.  It is not particularly good.  I grabbed thin paper.  I didn't have a lot of time.  It's not the best that I could do.  It is simply getting an idea down visually.  It is something I'd like to come back to later and work up with more care.  I think the idea of this kind of challenge is not to get bogged down in insisting that we don't show anything until it's "really good".  I've found that there are many things I haven't tried because of that excuse.  At this stage in life, I just want to play more, to experiment more, to take these small steps to discovery.
How about you?  What discoveries are you making?  What risks are you taking?


  1. Totally love this!!!
    I have a very weak side for crows and ravens. I'm thrilled when a crow comes down on my deck to steal some of the peanuts that are out there for the jays and squirrels and whoever wants them. So exciting.

  2. Thank you, Carola. Am so happy when there are others who delight in these wonderful fellow creatures.