Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thing a Day 14 and 15

Valentine Crow  Acrylic on Paper, 9" by 12"

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and not only have I always loved this day, I usually celebrated it enthusiastically.  But this year I'm just coming round from 6 weeks of not feeling so hot, my energy levels aren't back to normal, I'd been babysitting all day, my husband came home sick, so after supper I retired to my studio to paint something that might address both my theme for Thing a Day and also Valentine's Day.  It was such a windy night that I decided to paint a crow in a tumultuous sky.  I'm still playing with the wet paper techniques.  Once I'd gotten the base down, I just painted the crow right into it with quick rough strokes so it would look windblown.  And I gave it a piece of red thread in its beak - it seemed like the perfect Valentine for a crow to bring to its mate when it was tired.  A small gift.  But thoughtful and bright.

Crow Carrying Valentine  Acrylic on Canvas, 9" by 12"
I'm still drawn to that image so today I went back and did it differently - more stylized.  I like this version, too.  I like thinking about simple gifts, carefully chosen.  If I were this crow's mate, I'd be thrilled to get this cheerful bit of ribbon for my nest.  Forget the flowers, the jewels, the things we're told we should want.  Thought chocolates would be ok, too - I'm sure crows like chocolates.

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