Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thing a Day Days 8 and 9

Crow Eating Pomegranate Seeds - 2" by 1 3/4" Acrylic on stone

Yesterday I got pressed for time and decided to paint a crow and pomegranate on stone.  I found that the practice I've been getting painting both of those things made it come together fairly quickly, even though it's so tiny.  The stone is a smooth beach stone, 2" by 1 3/4".  I haven't come across any stories that directly connect crows and pomegranates, but they have both been used in myth and symbolism for thousands of years, across cultures and religions.  I find myself making up stories that will connect the two, sure that they have encountered each other.

Today I turned to the Pacific Northwest, using a story from the Haida people, a first nation of the islands off the coast of British Columbia as my inspiration.  The story is that the crow stole the sun from the master of the sky and gave it to the people.  Having lived in Washington state when I was young, I have a clue as to what a precious gift that would be.  This painting is done with acrylics on paper and measures 12" by 9"

Crow Giving Sun to the People

Detail of Crow Giving Sun to the People

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  1. I love both the crow paintings. The stone painting is so beautiful and "simple" (which I love). And the "sun" is so full of meaning - you've captured it in such a lovely way.