Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thing a Day, Days 11, 12, 13

Preparing Paper with Watercolor and Water
On the 11th day, I tried an experiment.  I had been visiting with friends who are watercolorists and they told me about a technique they use to lay down a background on their paper. You know how someone gives you a little tip about how to make something easier - and you are just amazed that you never thought of it.  They mentioned taping their paper to a board so it didn't warp.  So THAT's how it's done?  And then they do swirly things with spray bottles, etc.  I taped my paper, sprayed away, put a little color down - and made a holy mess.  Everything was so wet it had to dry overnight.  And it didn't look very good.   But it was flat.   I'll have to go ask for more details.  That was enough for the 11th day.

Crows Eating Pomegranate Acrylic on Canvas, 9" by 12"

On the 12th day I painted a pair of crows on canvas, eating pomegranates.  Remembering things crows can stand for - in some cultures they are symbols of fidelity, faithfulness; and pomegranates are symbols of indisolubility of marriage as well as fertility or fruitfulness.  So they might want to sit in the same tree together.

Day 13 I chose to illustrate a legend of crows as protectors.  The Buddhist story is that when the first Dalai Lama was a baby the home was attacked by robbers.  The parents were away and couldn't get there in time. Fearing the worst they were surprised to find their son was fine when they got home, being protected and cared for by a pair of crows.  Also, crows have anticipated the births of five dalai lamas, including the present one.  You will notice that the background for this painting is the paper I played with on Day 11 - so it didn't go to waste.

Crows Protecting the Dalai Lama Acrylic on Paper, 9" by 12"

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