Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thing a Day - Tenth Day

Crow Brings Lightning, Thunder, Wind
Once a month I meet with three friends - two painters and a weaver, to discuss our creative lives.  I always look forward to these sessions and today when we met and were discussing the insecurities we all face, Peg told us that she'd just come back from a conference on creativity.  One of the speakers had said that there were successes and experiments.  I love that idea.  Because that's the way we need to approach our art - we don't just put out great stuff with every try.  We have to work at it until we get something we're satisfied with.  Diane showed us a painting she'd done - she had completed ten versions of it, playing with colors, tones, arrangement - until she got the serenity she was trying to achieve.  We all agreed that the important thing is create regularly, being gentle with ourselves, learning from whatever we are doing.  And that those lessons carry over into our larger lives, help us to look at the challenges we face in relationships, in day to day interactions.
Today I wanted to play with a roiling sky.  I used the background story that comes from many North American cultures that the crow represents a supreme being, that when it flaps its wings it creates great winds, thunder, lightning.  I also wanted to work on the shape of a wing when the tips are flipped up, either by the wind or the force that occurs when the bird wants to change direction.  This is not my most successful painting since I've been working this month.  But I learned from it and had fun.  There are things I like about it, things I'd do differently next time.  And there will be a next time.

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