Friday, February 4, 2011

Thing A Day: 2

I haven't had much success posting my daily work on my posterous site so figured I'd do it over here, in case anyone wants to follow along.  I'm really enjoying the challenge of coming up with something new to work on each day, and more to the point, making the time to do it.  My other activities don't stop for this month, so some days it feels a bit more difficult - but so far rewarding.  So here is what I painted on the second day:
Crow with Pomegranat Acrylic on Paper, 9" by 11"

In the Genesis flood story Noah sent out the raven before he sent out the dove.  It doesn't say what happened with the raven - just that it flew back and forth.  But in other flood stories, the raven returned with signs of land.  I've chosen to give it a pomegranate branch.  Pomegranates are symbolic of fertility, abundance, fruitfulness.  I think most of us are looking for fruitfulness in our lives.

I planned to post day 3 here, too, but for some reason it's not allowing me to add another picture.  So I'll write a new post for that.  Sorry if this means more mail in your inbox.
This day I decided to play with pomegranates.  The shape is pretty simple.  But the colorings and subtleties offer lots of choices to fool around with.  Eventually I have more complex paintings in mind, things that I put off doing because I'm afraid of messing them up.  So maybe if I work on components, getting things down that I like or don't like, it will be less intimidating.  So here are some intact pomegranates.

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