Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Muse Slips In On the Line in a Poem

Spirit of Poetry
Acrylic on Paper, 10" by 8"
I sometimes hear the question, "Where do you get your ideas for your paintings?" And my answer is as varied as my themes: the season, my mood, experiences, what I've been reading.  My formative years did not include television; we listened to radio programs, and read constantly.  Both of those entertainments require active imagination, and provide good training for seeing things in your mind.  There are some passages in books, and epecially poems that are so alive and present that all I have to do is edit what I'm seeing.  Which point of view do I want to use?
One of my favorite poets is Catherine DeVinck.  She entered my life in the 1980's when a friend gave me a collection of her poems entitled A Time to Gather.  My husband and I used one of her poems at our wedding.  And lately I've been envisioning a number of paintings as a result of rereading her work.
This painting was inspired by her poem in the section The Spirit of Poetry.  I think I could paint a whole series on this one section alone, it is so full of gorgeous imagery.  I encourage you to look for her books - there are many of them still available.
Where do you find your muse?

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