Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebration of Life

Yesterday we attended a memorial celebration of the life of a friend of ours who died recently.  And what a celebration it was.  There were lively musicians playing banjo, bass, tuba, and trumpet; her husband who is a remarkable photographer had put together a  slide show with images depicting her life and paintings, including video clips of her working on various projects.  After seeing her when she was so ill, it was wonderful to watch her full of life, painting with her cat helper, mugging for the camera.   Ten to twelve people were invited to speak, to tell their stories - and as each one shared Margaret's impact, she grew larger in our midst.
We each have Margaret stories full of love, humor, observation, admiration, gratitude.  They are our individual pieces of her.  But there was so much we didn't know.  A hint of the fullness of this life came out in the community gathering.

While there were plenty of tears as well as laughter and the missing will continue, you knew that this was the perfect way to honor her life and to rejoice in the gifts she has given each of us.

Margaret Crenson's 2010 Christmas Card
from her painting

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